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Hi James, tell us, what attracted you to being an apprentice at The Grove?

There are many things that attracted me to become an apprentice at The Grove. Firstly, they offer lots of training which is important as it improves my skill set, and also, the hotel is in the perfect location accessibility-wise which allows for an easy commute. Furthermore, The Grove is well-renowned all over the UK and its golf course is one of the best, which made this apprenticeship an attractive opportunity.

What sort of support and guidance have you received at The Grove?

I have received great support which I believe is crucial to working in a good environment. Everyone in the team is willing to help me, passing on their knowledge and experience in greenkeeping.

Countryside views
The Grove Hotel, Hertfordshire

What is your favourite thing about The Grove?

My favourite thing about The Grove is knowing that I am working at a prestigious golf course which has a rich history. Additionally, I like the opportunity for career progression and development.

What have you learnt since being an apprentice at The Grove?

Since I have become an apprentice I have learnt many things, including how to balance work and studying simultaneously. I have also discovered that there are many different career paths that I can take after completing my current apprenticeship.

Gold course

What does a typical day look like for you at work?

A typical day at work usually starts at about 5.30-6am. In the morning, we set the golf course up which consists of hole changes on the green, divoting tees, raking bunkers and much more. This all needs to be done before the first lot of golfers arrive! I have lunch around 11am and then in the afternoon the jobs can vary, but when the course is busy I am normally doing tasks such as weeding tree circles, maintaining the football pitch and watering the greens.

Where do you see yourself in your career in five years’ time?

In five years’ time I see myself being a qualified Level 3 greenkeeper and working in a private school or estate looking after the grounds. I have also completed the Level 2 Horticulture apprenticeship at The Grove which is perfect for the job I aspire to have in the future.

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