When I was 16 years old I started working at a golf club because of my love of golf. At first I came to The Grove as a student on placement whilst I was studying Sports Management and Golf at University. I then went on to a golf placement in Florida for 9 months before returning here to work full time as one of a big team of golf enthusiasts.

The Grove is the pinnacle of golf services in the UK, in my opinion, providing the best course to play on and I enjoy being able to share my passion with residents and non-residents on a daily basis helping to improve their game.

In answer to the question what would you say to an industry ‘newby’ thinking about applying for a job, I would say be open to trying a variety of different roles to gain as much experience as possible which you can do here. The most invaluable advice I can give to anyone looking for a career is to apply for a role you know you’ll enjoy – life is too short!